Add a Comment to your Teamgage Submission

Add a Comment to your Teamgage Submission

Comments are a fundamental part of the Teamgage continuous improvement process. These Comments are a simple few words that can spark a conversation to start a new project, removes a frustrating blocker, or simply get the team talking about what may have an elephant in the room.

When you provide your feedback & ideas through, Teamgage both the 
quantitative  (Eg. your Metric scores) and the  qualitative  (Eg. your constructive comments) actually make the difference that drives change and improvement in your Team and Organisation.

How to add a Comment to your submission 

  1. Start your normal Teamgage Submission process
  2. Tap in the "Add your Comment here" text box

  3. Write you Comment - we try to focus on something constructive, something you as a team can action and change together

  4. Assign your Comment to Metric. This is really important. Simply tap the Metic name below the text field. 
  5. Check your Comment is visible - with the Metric it's assign to

  6. Submit


  1. Add at least one Comment for every submission - although you can certainly add more.
  2. The more  Comments that are added the more Actions (and change) that takes place. We see this across all the teams we work with around the world.
  3. You can added one Comment for every Metric that your team is measuring.
  4. When you have a Team Meeting, use the Comments to spur conversations and Create Actions (See  Creating Actions from comments)
  5. Comments are completely anonymous (Learn more Is Teamgage really anonymous?)

    Updated 17th June 2021


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