Completing an Action

How to Track & Complete Actions

I've been assigned an action, what happens next?

A key component of Teamgage Huddle is reviewing results with your team and ideating and aligning on ideas for improving performance. As part of this process, you may be assigned an action to complete.

If you've been assigned an action it's your job to ensure the task is successfully completed on time. You'll receive a notification informing you of the action you've been assigned and its due date.

Below is an example of an action notification.

Actions Reminder

We will help you stay on top of the actions that have been assigned to you. You will receive a reminder 3 days before your action is due.

Below is an example of an action notification.

When you next open your Results Dashboard with your team, you'll be prompted to review your assigned Actions with your team - this is a great opportunity to share an update with your Team or to mark an Action as complete.

Below is an example of the actions review screen as part of your Teamgage Huddle


Completed Actions

Once an Action has been marked as completed it will disappear from your team's Action tabs and you'll receive a message confirming it's been completed.

Below is an example of the action completed notification.

Review Completed Actions

Managers can easily review their team's completed Actions by following the below steps.
  1. Open the Actions tab (it's in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard)
  2. Select the “Show completed” option in the middle of the Actions tab. 
  3. Voila

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