How do I check who's in my team & contributing results?

How do I check who's in my team & contributing results?

People move around organisations all the time. They may join an organisation or leave. They may be seconded to another department or simply join a second team for a specific project. At anytime you can easily check who's in a team & who can contribute a Teamgage submission to that team's Results Dashboard. There are 2 options to see who's in a team:
  1. In Portal, open the Report List page, and then select Members from the drop-down list 
  2. Open a specific team's Results Dashboard and then select the Team Members tab
If one of your team isn't listed, or you need to remove a person that's no longer part of your team just let you Teamgage Admin know. You can also always let our team know & we can help fix it up -
Option 1) - Choose "Members" from the dropdown list

Option 2) - Choose "Members" from the dropdown list

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