Leader Training Video Series

Leader Training Video Series

Training Videos for Leaders

The short training videos below are designed to share with leaders or those who run Teamgage meetings. 
They are an in-depth look at the Teamgage process and demonstrate how you might do this in a team meeting scenario.

Introduction to Teamgage (1:14)

The Teamgage process (1:33)

How to complete Teamgage (1:06)

Completing Teamgage - demo (4:53)

Organisation reporting (2:05)

Comments and sentiment analysis (1:38)

Reporting introduction (2:29)

Overall Report dashboard - demo (1:24)

Metric drilldown - demo (3:25)

Creating actions - demo (3:11)

Comment analysis - demo (3:17)

Report timeline - demo (1:55)

Team members - demo (0:48)

Teamgage benefits and summary (2:23)

Last Updated : 15th April 2021

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      You must have a Leader profile to view your team's reports in Teamgage. If you cannot see the 'Reports' section after logging into Teamgage, please contact our support team at support@teamgage.com.  Teamgage puts you and your team at the heart of the ...
    • How often can I complete Teamgage?

      Your team's dashboard will only reflect your most recent submission.  The scores that you see are the average of every team member's last submission.  If you complete Teamgage multiple times, only your most recent score counts. We do capture every ...
    • Teamgage Comment Character Limit

      There is a 180 Character Limit on Comments in Teamgage   1.     The length of the comments in Teamgage is restricted to 180 characters by design. Ideally, comments should be conversation starters that you can talk to at your next team meeting.  ...
    • See your personal Teamgage progress

      After you complete your next Teamgage submission tap the View button alongside the title Your Teamgage Process. This will give you a personalised view of your own Teamgage submissions - and how they compare against the Group Average of your Team. ...
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      Comments are a fundamental part of the Teamgage continuous improvement process. These Comments are a simple few words that can spark a conversation to start a new project, removes a frustrating blocker, or simply get the team talking about what may ...