Teamgage Best Practices

Teamgage Best Practices

The table below highlights the most important components of a successful Teamgage implementation and best practices for maximising ongoing value.


Best Practice

Teamgage has sponsorship (and ideally a champion) from senior leaders.

Implementations where senior leaders and engaged with the improvement process significantly outperform those that don’t have sponsorship, or where leaders see Teamgage as a passive reporting tool.

Teamgage Recommends – Ask your CEO to send a regular update addressing Teamgage actions and metrics

Teamgage results are embedded in senior management practises and reporting.

Implementations where Teamgage results are integrated with senior management reporting cycles and form a strong part of the decision making process outperform those that don’t.

Teamgage Recommends – Add Teamgage results to your senior management team’s meeting agenda

Teamgage Huddle is used to measure and drive continuous improvement on the organisational goals that are most actionable at a Team level

Implementations where Teamgage Huddle metrics achieve all of these criteria achieve significantly greater buy-in.

• Actionable at the team level

 • Still important to those submitting

• Tangible - avoiding abstract, vague or “high level” concepts

Teamgage Recommends – Regularly review your Teamgage metrics with executive and business leaders to ensure they remain relevant and aligned to business goals 

Teamgage is being reviewed by those that submit on a regular basis (at least once per month)

Teamgage is designed to be used as a tool as part of existing team meeting rhythms and our customers with the strongest performing engagement rates are reminded to “Huddle” (review progress, feedback and create actions) at least once per month.

Implementations where teams that submit meet regularly to review their results together and ideate on actions achieve significantly greater improvement rates.

Teamgage Recommends – Results are reviewed as part of teams existing meeting cadences at least once per month. Meetings held reviewed and tracked as part of your Benchmark Report 

Teamgage is being used by teams and management to create actions based on feedback and meeting discussions

Teams that use the actions feature in Teamgage outperform those that don’t. Ensure that this feature is used effectively, and Leaders are incentivised to create actions from feedback.

Teamgage Recommends – Decide on an incentive for Teams to create meet and create actions. Track in your Benchmark Report

Actions created and executed as a part of the Teamgage process are communicated to submitters

Organisations that promote the improvements and solutions that were created as a result of receiving feedback build significantly more trust with their teams than those who don’t.

Ensure you regularly communicate wins and new ideas that come from the continuous improvement process so that submitters know their voice is being heard.

Teamgage Recommends – Add a Teamgage section within any regular company-wide comms to share successful actions

Results and benchmark reports are reviewed across the organisation to identify where support is needed

Organisations that connect teams from different areas to cross-pollinate good ideas and assist leaders and teams having difficulties outperform those that don’t.

Organisations that offer Leader’s additional support via our Teamgage Academy (click here) outperform those who don’t.

Teamgage Recommends – Use the Teamgage Academy to provide additional support to leaders. Review your leaders Teamgage Academy reporting and Benchmark Reporting to measure impact on their Team’s results

Metrics and goals are reviewed regularly

Organisations that regularly review their metrics, goals and alignment between Teamgage and their business strategy outperform those that don’t.

Ensure that goals and progress is reviewed by Program Manager and your Customer Success Manager as part of regular Success Reviews, and as part of an annual Executive Business Review (with your Executive Sponsor)

Teamgage Recommends – Success plan with your Teamgage Customer Success Manager and review quarterly. Review business impact with your Executive Sponsor as part of an annual Executive Business Review

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