Teamgage Comment Character Limit

Teamgage Comment Character Limit

There is a 180 Character Limit on Comments in Teamgage
1.     The length of the comments in Teamgage is restricted to 180 characters by design. Ideally, comments should be conversation starters that you can talk to at your next team meeting. 

2.     Recently the Character Limit was increased from 140 to 180 characters

3.    If a User wanted to leave a comment longer than 180 Characters, a potential workaround (which is not perfect and is a bit more time consuming) would be for the comment to be written into a Word document so the User could see the character count and then they could split the comment down into 180 Character segments, then put a number at the end of each segment to show it was a linked comment i.e. they could write 1/2 on their first comment, then they could make a second comment against the same metric and put 2/2 at the end of the comment. It's not perfect and you would need to find the comments tagged 1/2 & 2/2 to view the whole comment but it's a workaround.

4.     Alternatively, the User could leave an improvement comment (within the character limit) and then the improvement could be discussed in more detail in the meeting and that additional detail could be included and added as an Action on the report.

Update 16th June 2021

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