Register for Teamgage Huddle Leader Training

Register for Teamgage Huddle Leader Training

This is a group training session available to all Teamgage Managers/Leaders looking for an introduction or a refresh on how to use Teamgage Huddle. 1-1 coaching or bespoke training is offered through the Teamgage Academy. 

Training Content Overview

Learn about the benefits of using Teamgage Huddle with your team(s), how to use the results dashboard effectively, and ask any questions you may have by joining a 30min Leader Training session with a Teamgage expert. 
Leaders can also watch a brief training video that's available anytime in the Teamgage dashboard.

How to book a spot in the session

  1. Click here to register for an upcoming session
  2. Select the date you would like to attend
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Add in suggested content
  5. Book
Or you can book at anytime via the link in your manager notification.


Q: How can I monitor which of my leaders are attending the group training sessions?
A: After completing a training session or watching a training video leaders receive a certification against their Teamgage profile. As an admin you can filter for users who have a certification in the Advanced Filter.
  1. Online Teamgage Huddle Leader Guide
  2. How to check a Manager's Induction status
  3. Exporting your Team's Comments
  4. Understanding Spread on your team's dashboard
  5. Using the Huddle Timeline tab
  6. Understanding the Result Date on the Huddle Dashboard
  7. Video - Welcome Video for Team Managers
  8. Video - Watch a team huddle in action

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