Teamgage Password Reset

Teamgage Password Reset

If your Organisation uses Single Sign-On (SSO) with Teamgage you will not be able to reset your Password via Teamgage. Learn more about SOO here.

If you have forgotten your Teamgage password, you can create a new one here. This will send a Password Reset Request email to your inbox, with a secure link to create a new password.

The Reset Password link only remains active for 24 hours. If it's expired, just follow the process again to request a new email.

Steps for how to reset your Teamgage Password
  1. Use the email address you use to log into Teamgage (this will be your work email)
  2. Find the Password Reset Request email in your inbox
    1. Subject: Password reset request
  3. Click the link to create a new password
  4. Enter your same work email and create your new password
  5. Click Reset Password
Once you've created a new password you'll be able to log back into Teamgage.

If you've tried to reset your password, but are still having login issues simply contact our team -

An example of the Password Reset Screen

Last updated 15th October 2021

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