Teamgage SSO Login Issue

Single-Sign-On (SSO) Login Issue - Access Denied

Sometimes you may encounter an issue logging into when you're using Single Sign-On (SSO) - learn more about using SSO with Teamgage.

A few things to check

  1. Firstly, ensure the your organisation has setup SSO with Teamgage (Check with your System Admin or just email
  2. Confirm the email registered with your organisations SSO matches the email of your user profile Teamgage
  3. Double check, your browser (eg. Google Chrome) isn't trying to "helpful" and automatically replacing/auto-filling the email you've typed, with another address (eg. your personal @gmail)
  4. Try to log in using a new, Incognito Web Browser window

Access Denied

If you are seeing this screen (or something similar, simply email our team at email Be sure to include your work email & your organisation name. A screenshot of the error is also generally helpful as well. 

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