Unsure of your role or next steps

Unsure of your role or next steps

Information on the role of a leader or manager in Teamgage

Unsure on what happens next or your role?

  1. Ensure your team consistently submit feedback:
    1. ask your team to submit their feedback whenever they receive a reminder from Teamgage
    2. use the remind team button on the launch page of your report if your submission rate is low
  2. Set a clear monthly process to share/discuss the team results within the team. Follow the suggested 20:2:1 process:
    1. Schedule a regular feedback review session (suggest: 20mins per month)
    2. Review results before the session - identify 2 x key areas to discuss in more detail
    3. Facilitate the team discussion and assign 1 x team action
  3. Repeat the process remembering to review assigned actions

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