Welcome video for employees

Welcome Video for Employees

Our Welcome Video for employees gives your submitters an overview of how Teamgage Huddle works and the continuous improvement process.

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      Take a sneak peek into what a Teamgage Huddle looks like and how a real team has a great Teamgage session. If you're wondering what team results look like or a team leader wondering how to share results with your team, this short video is for you. ​
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      Teamgage Huddle is an innovative approach to engage your teams in the workplace. It’s inspired by sports teams that regularly get together to tweak tactics and improve their team's performance. How does Huddle work? Teams continuously improve Here's ...
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      Our Welcome Video for Team Leaders gives them an overview of how to use their Teamgage Huddle results to drive the continuous improvement process with their teams.
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      As your team start their continuous improvement journey, they will receive various notifications from Teamgage. These are all focused on helping your team work better together. By default, notifications are sent to the nominated email address of your ...
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      Submitting feedback on the Teamgage submission page is an essential step in ensuring that your voice is heard, and that your team can continue to improve. It provides valuable insights into what is working well and what needs to be improved. In this ...