Why does my Dashboard have an empty Change number on the metric card?

Why does my Dashboard have an Empty Change Number on the Metric Card?

If you open your Team's Dashboard and there's an empty change number on all the metric cards, it's likely you're just comparing a time period where there has in fact been no change. All you need to do is update the Result Change date.

Eg. Update it from "From 7 days prior" to "From 2 months prior". 

This will let you see how your team's results are tracking from today compared to 2 months prior.

How to compare results over a period of time

When comparing results, you can update the:
  1. Result Date - The date of the Results you're looking at. This is the main number in your Metric card. 
  2. Result Change - The date that you'd like to compare the Results Date to. This is date that will help calculate the Change number in your Metric card.

As an example

If today is January 1st, 2021 and we'd like to see the change in results for the Customer Success team over the the last 3-months, we would set:

-Results Date: January 1st, 2021
-Results Change: From 3 months prior (Eg. October 1st, 2020)

We can now see that compared to 3 months ago, Customer Impact has gone down by 5 to 62, and Supported has gone up by 24 to 75! This helps to spark a new team conversation about why Supported has gone up by so much, what can be learned, what best practice can be shared etc?


Keep in mind, it may also simply be that the results on the date you're comparing to is the same as the current results you're looking at - basically there has been no change. This is generally the case when some of the metrics in your Dashboard have a change number and some do not.

If you still have questions about your Results Change, just let us know at support@teamgage.com

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