How to access the Implementation Checklist?

How to use the Implementation Checklist

Implementing a new software tool within an organisation can be a complex process, but with our built-in checklist, we've made this a simple and streamlined process for you to follow.

What does the implementation checklist include?

The implementation checklist breaks down the configuration process for your organisation in Teamgage. This is your guide to choosing metrics, setting up users, creating teams and allocating metrics to each team before you go live. It includes:
  1. key milestones and tasks involved
  2. relevant setup guides for each step
  3. ability to assign activities to team members
  4. assign due dates on all implementation tasks 
  5. check off activities as you complete them
  6. upload required documents and files

Accessing the Implementation Checklist

  1. Log in to your Teamgage account (click here if you haven't before)
  2. Click on Implementation in your side navigation
  3. View your Implementation Checklist
You will need to have an Admin profile to access the Implementation Checklist. If you can't see Implementation or log inplease contact

Here's what it looks like

How to use the checklist

  1. Familiarise yourself with the checklist. Before you begin implementation, take some time to familiarise yourself with the checklist. Understand the different sections, tasks and milestones. This will provide a clear overview of the entire implementation process. 
  2. Define roles and responsibilities. Assign specific tasks to team members based on their expertise and availability. Clearly communicate responsibilities to ensure a coordinated effort. 
  3. Set milestones and deadlines. Establish realistic milestones and deadlines for each task. This will create a structured timeline for the implementation process, allowing for better tracking and accountability. 
  4. Monitor progress. Regularly review the progress of each task on the checklist. Teamgage should provide status updates, allowing you to identify any delays or roadblocks early on. 

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