Remind your team to submit

Remind your team to submit

New alerts, new notifications, and new messages. Our days are filled with so many updates that sometimes things get missed. But we know everyone wants to have their voice heard. And the best organisations want their people to speak up, share more, and continuously improve.

This is why Team Leaders can now send their people a quick Teamgage Submission Reminder . It only takes two clicks and Reminders are sent immediately, so it's great to do before a team all come together to review their Results on the dashboard.

A few key points

  1. Reminders will only send to those team members that have not completed their submission.
  2. Each team member can only receive one Reminder every 24hrs.
  3. Anonymity is a foundation in Teamgage, so we won’t ever identify who is receiving Reminders.
  4. Reminders are sent as an email or Microsoft Teams message.

How it works

1. Login into Teamgage and open your Team's report 
2. Click the Remind Team button on the Launch screen (you'll find this at the bottom of the Details Panel)
3. Review the team name and the number of team members you'll be reminding
4. Send

What your team will receive

Once you've sent out a Submission Reminder to a team (or group of teams), all team member's that haven't yet submitted will receive a Submission Reminder notification. The notifications is sent as an email, or If your team have the Teamgage + Microsoft Teams configured, they'll receive a message their.  (See  How to Install the Teamgage App for Microsoft Teams.)

Once the team member has completed their Submission, their results and comments will be added in real-time to that team's Results Dashboard. 

Microsoft Teams example

Email example

Last Updated: 5th October 2021

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