Senior Leadership pre-launch Email template

Senior Leadership Pre-Launch Email Template

Below is a template email for you to use when you're introducing Teamgage to your Senior Leadership Team. Please check and feel free to remove/add/amend any text and placeholders (that are showing in brackets) to best suit your organisation. You can also access our downloadable Introduction to Teamgage Presentation for Senior Leaders and attach it as a file.


At [Insert Company Name] we are committed to continually improving how we work together and deliver value to our [customers/clients/community]. To help us drive this improvement, I'm excited to announce we’ll be launching Teamgage Huddle across our teams.

Teamgage Huddle is an innovative platform used to engage teams in the workplace. It’s inspired by sports teams that regularly get together to tweak tactics and improve their team's performance.

Organisations using Teamgage Huddle successfully see

  1. 24.2% lower staff turnover
  2. 12.6% more positive employee sentiment
  3. 4.7 x higher rate of performance improvement

How it works 

1. Measure - Employees submit frequent assessments, insights and ideas based on a handful of questions relevant to their team's performance. 
2. Huddle - Teams get together to discuss their results.
3. Game time - Teams action agreed upon ideas for the win!

The aggregated results are rolled up to the team, department, and company level.

What about traditional employee engagement surveys?

Employee engagement surveys don’t improve engagement or performance on their own.

There is a significant gap between what the organisation measures through an employee engagement survey, and what actually improves performance and impacts people’s experience at work.

It's not that employee engagement surveys are irrelevant, they aren’t. But they address companywide issues like the office environment, equipment to do the job and management systems.

Using Teamgage Huddle means:

  • Insights are frequent, focused & fast
  • We measure what's important to our goals
  • Teams have data to prioritise and discuss issues before they snowball
  • We drive alignment by promoting "conversations by design"
  • Every team is empowered to produce actions to improve

What this means for you 
  • It gives you real-time visibility of performance and action taken across all your teams.
  • You can drill into any team, at any level, to check their comments, ideas, and actions so you can understand. and act based on real-time data - rather than gut feel or lagging data   
  • You can predict attrition for your most valuable people and intervene before they leave. 

What this means for our line managers 
  • It supports them in having impactful discussions with their team.
  • It allows them to prioritize the conversations and actions most critical to achieving their team goals.
  • By gaining unfiltered, real-time insights, it lowers risk by quickly surfacing issues that need addressing.
  • It shows where innovation can be made and is working – fuelling momentum and improvement.

What this means for our people 
  • They’re quickly and simply given a voice.
  • It’s anonymous and provides a safe space to give honest assessments, feedback and ideas for improvement.
  • Their feedback doesn’t go into a black hole - it’s relevant to their daily work and is discussed in real-time and turned quickly into action.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to find out more before it’s rolled out, check out the below resources or visit 

  1. Introduction to Teamgage Huddle
  2. Welcome Video For Leaders
  3. Teamgage High-Performance Teams Report
  4. Teamgage on LinkedIn

Timescales and key contacts 

The roll-out will happen over [XX days/weeks] , and you’ll be given regular updates as we approach our official launch.

I will be your key contact if you have any questions.  

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