Teamgage for Slack

Teamgage for Slack

You already communicate effortlessly with Slack, now receive your Teamgage notifications directly to your Slack inbox to integrate with your workflow.

Never miss a Teamgage notification!

All of our notifications go straight to your Slack inbox, these include:
  1. Notifying team members when it's time to leave their feedback or respond to a survey.
  2. Notifying managers when they have new results to share with their team.
  3. Updating users when they have been assigned actions to complete and reminding them when an action is approaching a due date.

Setup is a breeze

Simply add the Teamgage app to your Slack Workspace and you're good to go. Only a one-time setup is required, creating a seamless experience with zero friction for users accessing their Teamgage notifications.

Teamgage and Slack logos together

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