Printing Teamgage results using PDF print

Printing Teamgage Results Using PDF Print

By using the PDF print functionality, you can now export your results as PDF or print them to be shared with other team members in the organisation.

You can either PDF only the current page that you are viewing, or select multiple pages to produce an easily readable summary of how your team is performing.

Printing a single page

When printing multiple pages of your report, the dates changed in any of the tabs will persist in your print so that you can retain your configuration across the board when printing. 
Do note that if you're trying to print out a lot of data especially on the comments or the comment analysis page, your report will take a few moments longer to produce. 

Printing multiple pages


1. Dates selected in the dashboard, comments and timeline are carried across when printing so you can customize your report to your needs. 
2. If you're trying to get all comments from the report, it is faster to export comments within a certain date range instead of printing them. 

Last update date 4th May 2021

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