View your team's dashboard

View Your Team's Results Dashboard

Teamgage puts you and your team at the heart of the improvement process. It’s your process to own and shape with the team but we’ve a good idea of what works well. 
To ensure your team's voices are being heard, be sure to regularly review and share your team's results.

There are 2 common ways to view your team's dashboard:
  1. Directly from a notification (eg. sent as either an email or Teams message)
  2. By logging into the Teamgage portal

1) Keep an eye out for your Teamgage notification 👀

Your organisation is likely set up to regularly remind you to view your team's results.  When you receive a notification (via email, SMS or MS Teams), click on the button view results (see examples below).

Email notification example

Select 'Click to view results' to view your team's dashboard.

Microsoft Teams notification example

Select 'View Results' to view your team's dashboard.

2) Logging into the Teamgage portal 🔐

If you can't locate your most recent Teamgage notification, simply sign to your Teamgage account online. 
  1. Sign into Teamgage: (Can't remember your password?)
  2. Select Teams from the left-hand-side navigation
  3. Click List to view all the team results you have access to
  4. Under the Actions column, select View Huddle Results
Here's what it looks like

Bookmark the report list so you don't have to search for the login portal again!

  1. Teamgage Report on Mobile Devices
  2. Welcome to your team's Shared Results
  3. Why is my team's dashboard locked?

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