Pre-Launch Email Template for Teams

Pre-Launch Email Template for all Employees

Below is a template email for you to use when introducing Teamgage to your employees. Please check and feel free to remove/add/amend any of the text and placeholders (that are showing in brackets). We recommend that this is sent by your CEO or Executive Leader.


At [Insert Company Name] we are committed to continually improving how we work together. To help us drive this improvement, I'm excited to announce we’ll be launching the Teamgage Huddle platform across our teams!

How Teamgage Huddle works

1. Measure - Everyone submits regular insights and ideas for improvement.
2. Huddle - Teams regularly review their latest results together.
3. Action - Teams action agreed upon ideas for quick wins and improvement!

The aggregated results roll up through teams, to department and company level.

What Teamgage Huddle means for you 

  • Teamgage is anonymous and provides a safe space to give honest feedback and suggest ideas.
  • It helps teams prioritise the focus areas for discussion and actions that lead to improvement.
  • It provides senior leaders with visibility of what's working well and where additional support is required.

Teams using Teamgage Huddle successfully see:
  1. 24.2% lower staff turnover
  2. 12.6% more positive employee sentiment
  3. 4.7 x higher rate of performance improvement

 What happens next

  1. All employees will be sent a notification from Teamgage on [insert date here]  via [Insert here e.g. email or MS Teams]. Your notification contains a link to submit anonymous feedback based on how your team is performing. You'll receive a regular reminder from Teamgage on the [Insert Teamgage submission notification schedule here e.g the second Tuesday of every month].
  2. Leaders with 4 team members or more will be sent a notification via [Insert method here e.g. email or teams notification] on [Insert Teamgage manager notification cadence here e.g the second Tuesday of every month] with a link to their team dashboard and a reminder to share and discuss the latest results with their team.
  3. Leaders will receive a follow-up email with registration details for an online 30-minute training session.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to learn more, please contact [insert details here] or check out the below resources:
  1. Introduction to Teamgage Huddle
  2. Welcome Video For Employees
  3. Welcome Video For Leaders
  4. Online Knowledge Base and Guides

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