Organisation Wide Pre-Launch Email Template

Pre-Launch Email Template for Teams

Below is a template email for you to use when introducing Teamgage to your Organisation. This can be sent once you've finalised your Teamgage Program Design and Platform Configuration has been completed. Please check and feel free to remove/add/amend any of the text and placeholders (that are showing in brackets). 


At [Insert Company Name] we are committed to continually improving how we work together and deliver value to our [customers/clients/community]. To help us drive this improvement, I'm excited to announce we’ll be launching Teamgage Huddle across our teams.

Teamgage Huddle is an innovative platform used to engage teams in the workplace. It’s inspired by sports teams that regularly get together to review what's working and to tweak tactics to improve their team's performance.

How it works

1. Measure - Everyone is regularly prompted to assess their team's performance and anonymously submit their insights and ideas for improvement.
2. Huddle - Teams regularly get together to review and discuss their results.
3. Take Action - Teams action agreed upon ideas, measure the impact and celebrate successful improvements!

What Teamgage Huddle means for you 

  • Teamgage is anonymous and provides a safe space to give honest feedback and suggest ideas.
  • It helps your team prioritise the conversations and actions that lead to improvement.
  • It provides visibility of what's working well and a space to celebrate success.
Teams who use Teamgage Huddle regularly are:
  • Super Communicators - 73% more ideas and insights.
  • Higher Performing - 4.7x higher rate of performance improvement.
  • Happier and More Positive - 12.6% more positive sentiment!
  • Content & Stable - 24.2% lower employee turnover i.e. fewer great people leaving your team!

 What happens next

  1. Teamgage will launch on the [Insert date here]. All employees will be sent a notification via [Insert method here e.g. email or teams notification] with a link to submit feedback based on how their team is [Insert a summary of your metrics here e.g Tracking for Goals, Communicating, Working Together, Embracing Innovation.] You'll receive a notification to submit feedback on the [Insert time frame here e.g first Tuesday of every month] 
  2. Leaders with 4 team members or more will be sent a notification via [Insert method here e.g. email or teams notification] on [Insert Teamgage manager notification cadence here e.g the second Tuesday of every month] reminding them to review and discuss the results with their team.
  3. Leaders are expected to attend a group online training session and can register via this link.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to find out more before Teamgage launches, check out the below resources or visit 
  1. Introduction to Teamgage Huddle
  2. Teamgage Huddles Online User Guide
  3. Teamgage Huddle Online Leader Guide
  4. Welcome Video For Employees
  5. Welcome Video For Leaders

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