Teamgage Launch Communication Resources

Teamgage Launch Communication Resources

This article contains links to resources you can use to introduce Senior Leadership, Team Leaders, and Employees to Teamgage before your launch.

  1. Introduction to Teamgage Huddle
  2. Senior Leadership Pre-Launch Email Template
  3. Introduction to Teamgage - Presentation for Senior Leaders
  4. Pre-Launch Email Template for Teams
  5. Introduction to Teamgage Huddle - Presentation for Teams
  6. Welcome Video for Team Leaders
  7. Welcome Video for Employees
  8. Welcome Video - Watch Teamgage Huddle In Action
  9. Teamgage Huddle Leader Guide
  10. Online Guide for Submitters
  11. Teamgage Logos: Using the Teamgage Brand

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    • Pre-Launch Email Template for Teams

      Below is a template email for you to use when introducing Teamgage to your Organisation. This can be sent once you've finalised your Teamgage Program Design and Platform Configuration has been completed. Please check and feel free to remove/add/amend ...
    • Senior Leadership Pre-Launch Email Template

      Below is a template email for you to use when you're introducing Teamgage to your Senior Leadership Team. Please check and feel free to remove/add/amend any text and placeholders (that are showing in brackets) to best suit your organisation. You can ...
    • Using the Teamgage Brand

      ? We're excited for you to use our brand to promote Teamgage! Please read the following information and then access the high resolution logos within the attachments section at the end of the page. Our logo This one looks great on a light background. ...
    • User Notification History

      You can view each user's notification/communication history from their profile within Teamgage - this is a great place to double check: what channel notifications are being sent (eg. MS Teams or email), and what recent notifications they've received ...
    • Teamgage Academy Introduction

      Teamgage Academy provides team managers with a higher level of learning, coaching and support to help further improve your results. Meet the Teamgage Academy!  The Teamgage Academy is a premium service for Teamgage subscription customers. It's ...