Using Teamgage Survey Template Library

Using Teamgage Surveys Template Library

In the Teamgage Survey Portal you can access our free survey template library. Our Template Library has two surveys:

Teamgage Employee Engagement Survey
Our research backed Employee Engagement Survey provides robust insights and reduces survey fatigue. It includes 28 peer-reviewed questions focusing on Psychological Safety, Psychological Availability and Psychological Meaningfulness derived from the peer-reviewed university research of Dr. Matthews, a John Miller Professor of Management at the University of Alabama.

Psychosocial Hazards Audit
Our Psychosocial Hazards Audit is based on 10 years of research by Professor Michelle Tuckey from the University of South Australia. It is a data driven intervention process that identifies the root causes of bullying. Reduce your organisations risk of psychosocial hazards and adhere to new work health and safety obligations.

How to access the template library

  1. Click on Surveys tab
  2. Select Template Library

Here's what it looks like

How to use a survey in the template library

Contact and we will provide you access to the survey and it will appear in the Your Surveys section.
  1. Teamgage Employee Engagement Survey

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