Why is my team's dashboard locked?

Why is My Team's Dashboard Locked?

When accessing your team's report, you may occasionally encounter a 'Results Locked' screen - this simply means a few more team members need to contribute a submission!

What does it mean if my report is locked? 

At least four individual team members need to have made a submission to reveal a dashboard. This is designed to protect anonymity. If your team dashboard is locked, this means that you do not have enough active submissions to generate a report. 

As an example
The report below currently has two active submissions, therefore it requires at least two more submissions to be unlocked. 

How do I unlock my report? 

Your team will need to have at least four active submissions. then the dashboard will automatically unlock. You can help your team to submit with 1-click using the Remind your team to submit.

How do I view my team's latest results? 

If you have an insufficient number of submissions to unlock your report (i.e. less than four), Teamgage will give you the option to open to the Report last date the Report had sufficient submissions to Unlock (see outlined in green below).

I have less than 4 people in my team, what do I do? 

If you have less than four people in your team, please contact your internal Teamgage Administrator. There are a couple of options for enabling you to view results:
  1. Combining your team's results with another smaller team. 
  2. Providing you with access to a higher-level report, so that you can still view results.
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