Why are my Shared Results Locked?

Why are my Shared Results Locked?

To view your team's Shared Results dashboard (Learn about Shared Results), you will need to have personally completed a Teamgage Submission - this will take less than 1 minute (Learn about Submitting).

What happens if you try to open your team's Results Dashboard before  you've made a Teamgage submission?

  1.  Get notified that your team's Shared Results is ready to view (you'll be notified by email or on Teams)
  2. See the "We need your Teamgage Submission" screen (see below)
  3. Click Have your Say & complete your Submission (Learn about Submitting).
  4. You will be automatically redirected back to your team's Shared Results dashboard
The metrics & comments in Teamgage Submission you have just completed, to unlock the dashboard, will not be included in these Shared Results. This is because the specific results you're looking at were shared before you had completed Teamgage Submission. If your Manager re-shares the team's results (for example, the next day) your Submission will now be included 

If you have an issues contributing a Teamgage Submission or unlocking your team's dashboard, just let us know - support@teamgage.com 

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