Self Allocation Feature

What is Self Allocation?

To activate Self Allocation on your organisation's Teamgage account, just let our team know - Self-Allocation is included in all Teamgage subscriptions so there's no additional cost for turning it on. 

Self Allocation gives team members a simple way change the team they're a member of. Often, team members transfer from TeamA to TeamB, or simply join a second team for a secondment or new project. Self Allocation is all about creating the opportunity for teams to self correct, from the bottom up.
  1. it empowers the team member,
  2. gives team leaders data integrity for their team's results, and
  3. eliminates work for the organisations Teamgage Administrators
While team membership changes inside your organisation can happen every week, it takes time to be communicated to Administrators. And then it can take even more time to actually be actioned (Eg. update the HRIS, the Payroll Systems and also Teamgage). This means that team member's perspective, the blockers they're seeing or the innovative ideas they have, are being submitted to the "wrong" team. Or, even worse, they're not being submitted at all. We know that when team members notice their still currently in their old team, they'll often wait until that's "fixed-up" by the Administrator.

With Self Allocation each team member can easily self correct any team membership issues and a full audit log is available to the Administrator, to see every team change that happening.

How Self Allocation works

Notes about Self Allocation

  1. Your Teamgage Administrator(s) can access an Audit Log for every team change that happens with Self Allocation (Read Check team membership changes with the User History audit Log)
  2. Team Leaders can also access an audit log for those people that have moved in (and out) of their team(s).
  3. Each team members an move up to 5 times in 30 days. 
  4. If a team member has made a mistake, at anytime an Administrator can simply override their change in the Teamgage Portal
If you have any more questions about Self Allocation, let us know at

Last updated 20th May 2021

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