Manager Team Management

Manager Team Management

Give managers control to add and remove members of their teams with Manager Team Management. Managers can keep their teams up to date - especially as people join, leave or move around your organisation. 

There are 2 options for granting control:  
  1. For individual managers
  2. For all managers

How to grant control for Individual Managers

Using this approach, you can grant access to each manager on a user-by-user basis. 
  1. Find the team in the Team List screen
  2. Edit Team and select the Managers tab
  3. Select the Manager and check the permission Can Edit Members
  4. Update

Here's what it looks like

How to grant control for all Managers

With the Team Management activated for all managers, you'll no longer be able to use the Individual Managers approach.
Using this approach, you can activate (or later deactivate) team management for all current managers and any new managers added your organisation.
  1. Under Tools & Setup > Teams Setting
  2. Switch on Manager Team Management
  3. Done

Here's what it looks like


  1. To add a member to a team, they must be an active user in your organisation's Teamgage account. Manually creating new user is only available to Admin users (Learn more).
  2. If you switch-off the Manager Team Management (under Team Settings), all current managers lose control to add and remove members. No new managers will gain the control either.


How does a Manager actually add or remove a user from their team?
Manager's follow the same process as an Admin, although they will have slightly reduced permission (Eg. they can't create entirely new Users nor can they add/remove from Users from other teams in the organisation). See Adding a User to a Team and Removing a User from a Team

What happens to a user's submission if they are removed from a team?
Any previous Huddle Submissions (including Comments) will remain attached to the team, however the user will no longer be able to contribute any new submissions. This is the same impact whether the user was removed by a Manager or an Administrator.

Where does a user "end up" if they are removed from a team by a Manager?
When a Manager removes a user from a team they are managing, this only effects that specific team. The user will remain in any other teams that are member of. If the user was only in that specific team and is then removed, they'll need to be added to another team - this may be through Self Allocation, an Admin user, or another Manager. But they will default to Entire Organisation so their submissions will n

What happens when a new data file is uploaded?
When an organisations people and teams data is updated through an HRIS integration and/or file upload this overwrites all existing user, team, and organisation hierarchy information - this data is considered the "single source of truth".

In instances where Managers are making team membership changes, we recommend they also notify your Teamgage system Administrator so the single "source of truth" (Eg. the HRIS or payroll system) can also updated to accurately reflect which employee are in which team(s). 

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