Review your Survey Results

Review your Survey Results

Once you've sent your survey, results will begin show up in real time. All your need to do is open up your Survey and then tap the Results tab. 
  1. 📫 Recipients: The total number of people that have been sent your survey. If there one person is in multiple teams, they will still only be counted as one recipient.  
  2. 👀 Unique views: The total number of unique people that have viewed your survey. If the same person opens and closes the Survey multiple times, this is only one unique view. You see what percentage of the people sent the Survey have actually viewed it.
  3. 📝 Responses: This is a real-time count of number of people that have responded. As more people complete your survey, the number goes up. You'll also see your response rate (Eg. responses / recipients = response rate)
If you've used scorable question types (Eg. Scale or Likert), you'll also get an Overall Survey Score - this will be both a number (0-100) and colour shade (dark red through to bring green). Learn more about your Survey Score here

From the Results tab you can also:
  1. Close the Survey (or reopen): Use the Open/Close switch to bring your survey to an end, Once your survey is closed, no one will be able to respond.
  2. Export Results: Tap Export  to get a complete spreadsheet extract of your Results.
  3. Send Reminders: Send a reminder to those people that haven't yet responded to the Survey (How to send a reminder for your Survey).
  4. View Responses: Review Survey results in real-time, question-by-question.

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