Creating a Survey

Creating a Survey

Creating a new survey with Teamgage is super simple. Teamgage already knows the people in your organisation and which team they're in - all you need to do is add your questions and send. Use Surveys to collect feedback on a new organisational policy, prepare an Annual Employee Engagement Survey, or meet regulatory requirements to manage your risk, safety & compliance culture.   

How to create a Survey

  1. Find Surveys is the side navigation of Portal 
  2. Tap Create Survey
  3. Give your Survey a title and a description
  4. Start adding questions. Choose from a range of questions types - long, short, scale, single/multi select & likert. 
    1. As you're building you can mark a question as required, save time by duplicating a question, or drag & drop to change the order of the questions
  5. Add Sections to group similar questions. (Learn how to use sections here.)
  6. Use Preview to review how the Survey will look before you hit send.
  7. Tap Send survey to choose who can complete the Survey.
    1. You can easily send it to your Entire Organisation or choose one or more specific teams (Learn more about choosing teams & sending)
  8. Send Now
Please save your survey after every change.

Here's what it looks like

  1. Understanding the Different Question Types
  2. Using Survey Sections
  3. Sending a Teamgage Survey
  4. Review your Survey Results
  5. Send a Survey Reminder
  6. Share Access to Survey Results

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